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Meet The Agent Prodigy

Arabella The Agent Prodigy

Arabella enjoys helping out any way she can and will
always be on her best behaviour in exchange for stickers
or cheerios.


Arabella, following in her mother’s footsteps, is a part-time, high-energy team member. She began her career in 2015, at the young age of 2. She started out by making videos and occasionally makes a guest appearance on appointments. While doing a dozen retakes can sometimes be tedious she always enjoys the final product. Arabella knows how to effectively mix technology along with the “cute factor” to make the best experience possible for her followers.


Arabella loves spending time with her parents and grandparents, and pretty much anyone who will make animal noises with her.


Arabella enjoys watching the honey bees, riding 4-wheeler, and playing in mud puddles.